Level 1: Start with Zero point in Hardware


Fundamental of Electrical & Electronics


  • Zero Points in Electrical and Electronics 

  • Digital Electronics & Logic Gates

  • Embedded the Numbers Play in hardware and Software

  • Analog Linear Control Devices



Level 2: Clearly understand concepts of C language to Induce Confidence in  You

Awaking practical C Programming


  • Introduction to C Language

  • Practical Programs In C  & Controls Statements

  • Function in C Language

  • Structure & Union

  • C File Handling & C Preprocessor

  • C programs Practices



Level 3 : Gear you up for Programming in Embedded Environment


Embedded C programming Using Arduino Platform


  • Understand Embedded System and  its components 

  • Hands on Practice in Digital I/O Programming

  • Hands on Practice in Analog subsystem

  • Finite – state machine with data path model (FSMD)

  • I2C, SPI & Serial Programming                                                                                  

  • Embedded application Using Arduino platform



Level 4: Embedded Software Programming skills  Move to 

Next Level in “OOPS” concept Using C++


Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming in C++ 


  • Introduction to C++ - Object Oriented Programming

  • Classes and Objects  

  • Inheritance & Polymorphism

  • Data Abstraction & Exceptions

  • Namespace and Templates                                                                           

  • Advance programming in OPPS      




Level 5 : Advance Level Highly Optimized System Programs in

Linux  Environment


Linux Internals & Networking


  • Fundamentals of Linux Operating System

  • Inter Process Communication (IPC)                                                          

  • Process and Thread Synchronization                                                           

  • Networking with TCP/IP Application                                                           

  • Linux Network Programming using Sockets                                                

  • Process & Memory Management                                                                   




Level 6: Deep Learning of Microcontroller Internal Architecture using

Intel 8051 Microcontroller


Embedded controller Baseline Training in Intel  8051 Microcontroller


  • Overview of 8-bit Microcontroller Architecture

  • Assembly language Using 8051 Instruction Sets

  • Embedded Design Simulation Software – ProteusEmbedded Design Simulation Software – Proteus

  • Embedded C Programming in 8051 Microcontroller

  • 8051:  Real World Interfacing Device

  • Real Time Project in 8051 Microcontroller



Level 7: Advance Industrial Standard 32-bit Embedded Core Controller using

ARM Cortex M3 (LPC1768)


The Advance RISC Machine Serving  Embedded Processor - ARM Cortex Mx


  • ARM Cortex Mx Processor : Architecture Details

  • Keil- MDK – 5 Setup for ARM Cortex M based MCUs

  • Mastering Microcontroller 1: Embedded Driver Development

  • Mastering Microcontroller 2: Timers, PWM,CAN, RTC, & LOW POWER

  • ARM Cortex-M Bare- Metal Embedded- C Programing

  • Build Real-time embedded Application with FreeRTOS


Level 8: Overview of IoT and High Level Architecture


Crystal Clear Clarity of IoT Technology  


  • Introduction to Internet of Things    

  • Concept of Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom                           

  • Wireless Sensor Area Network (WSAN)                                                      

  • IoT Cloud Computing and Infrastructure                                                     

  • Performance and Security in IoT                                                                      




Level 9 : Build First IoT Application using wired and wireless protocols


IoT Gateway Programing GSM/GPRS FullStack&WiFiNodeMCU ESP8266 


  • GSM  System Network Architecture

  • GPRS Mobile Station Subsystem

  • ESP8266  LuaNodeMCUWiFiModule

  • Build Projects in IoT Application



Level 10: Become a Latest professional python programmer


Advanced IoT Technology Platform in Python Programming   


  • Overview of programming with python

  • Native Datatypes and Operators in Python

  • Variables, Conditionals Loops and Control Statements

  • Object Oriented programming with Python

  • Errors and Exceptions Handling

  • Modules in Python



Level 11 : Building IoT Application Using Raspberry Pi


Understand How Raspberry Pi can be leveraged as an IoT Gateway


  • Setup IoT platforms Using Raspberry Pi

  • Overview of Linux OS and Its Sub – Systems

  • IoT Communication Models and Protocols

  • Setting up Raspbian as an IOT Gateway

  • Develop a Complete Python based  IoT Application in Raspberry Pi




This Course is a 360 degree Overview of
Embedded IoT




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